FEELS LIKE HOME: A Poem, Inspired by an Image

Alien streets

Turned familiar

In just a few weeks

The same steps

Each day, morning and night

Through weather of all kinds

Under a multitude of skies

Green, gray, black, blue

Tracing the same paths

Until they become our own

Until they are ours 

And we can walk them

With our eyes closed

Know them

Like the backs of our hands

The expression goes

But each evening

As the sun sets

I always seem to forget

The way the world changes

And how the ground opens up

To receive the sun

And the way the sky stretches big and broad

To catch the night

And before my eyes

This street that has become normalized,

Mundane and familiar

Puts on a show

For me only

And that is how I know

That this time is mine to hold

That this street is mine to own

That this is home

Outside the Château

Outside the Château